Sessions' Decision To Stop Granting Asylum To Domestic & Gang Violence Victims Is Cruel

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to stop granting asylum to victims of domestic and gang violence is yet another cruel and heartless tactic the Trump administration is employing to punish the most vulnerable immigrants.

As if separating children from parents weren’t brutal enough, it now resorts to delegitimizing the plight of women and children who have suffered unimaginable domestic abuse that disproportionately affects them. This is not only an attack on immigrants, but an attack on all women. We hope to see the women’s rights movement stand strong beside these women and children.

It is shameful that the United States is blocking victims of gang violence from seeking refuge, especially because our country played an active role in creating the conditions that have led to the growth of organized crime in their countries. 

Instead of the United States taking responsibility, it is deliberately turning its back on the people who need the most help.