Abolishing immigration detention is a global movement.

Freedom for Immigrants launched our international organizing arm in 2018 with the goal of building a global movement of immigration detention visitation programs.

We recognize that immigration detention thrives in secrecy and isolation.

This is why governments have purposefully failed to protect a right to visitation. In the United States, there is no freestanding right to visitation and visitation programs have been temporarily barred from visiting. However, Freedom for Immigrants has fought and won countless battles to protect the free speech rights of both visitor volunteers and people in immigration detention who speak out against the system.

While the European Union and member states have begun to protect the right of persons in immigration detention to receive visits, for the most part, countries around the world have cut off access to the outside world for people in immigration detention. 

State governments and multi-national prison corporations do not want immigrant rights advocates working in international solidarity with one another. Our work across borders threatens the stability and growth of the immigration detention industry that is rapidly expanding. And some countries have taken steps to undermine international connections.  

We cannot stand for this. 

International law has enshrined the right to visitation during immigration detention. It is time we defend this right. 

Visitation programs have the power to expose in a consistent manner the human and civil rights abuses rampant in immigration detention systems across the globe and facilitate the organizing of detained immigrants across states and borders.

That is why Freedom for Immigrants is committed to helping communities start new visitation programs and to creating a communication platform for all visitation programs worldwide.  
Learn more about the right to visitation worldwide by reading our article "Let Us In" published by Springer Press. You can also learn more about detention conditions around the world by visiting the Global Detention Project

Join our growing global movement to free and protect people from the bonds of immigration detention today!

We are aware of over 25 immigration detention visitation programs outside of the United States. 

Please contact Christina Fialho at CFialho@FreedomforImmigrants.org if:

  • You run an organization or group outside of the United States that visits people in immigration detention, or

  • If you want to start a visitation program or network in your home country.