National Detention & Abuse Reporting Hotline

The National Immigration Detention Hotline is the nation’s largest immigration detention hotline, connecting immigrants in detention to their family, resources, and abuse documentation support at no cost to them.

It was created and is managed by Freedom for Immigrants, and staffed by a team of highly trained multilingual advocates across the country. We receive between 600 to 14,500 calls per month from people in immigrant prisons and jails around the country. We have received calls from immigrants from 148 countries that speak 80 different languages. Most calls come from people originally from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, India, and the Dominican Republic.

Call: 209-757-3733

about the hotline

Launched in 2015, the National Immigration Detention Hotline is available to people who are currently in U.S. immigration detention and their loved ones, and is available Monday through Friday from 6 am to 8 pm PST.

The hotline program furthers Freedom for Immigrants’ mission of abolishing detention while supporting those currently suffering under this system. We believe that our work is to elevate and empower organizing efforts happening in detention through a combination of condition monitoring and direct support.

Our hotline is a monitoring tool through which we gather data and stories on a daily basis with a team of highly trained and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers answer calls from people calling from more than 200 immigrant prisons and jails to report abuse or expose dehumanizing conditions. Through the connections built with people in detention, we are able to determine local, regional, and national trends. We then counter false narratives about immigration detention and hold the government accountable by filing federal complaints, developing reports, and changing policy.

At the same time, the hotline program directly supports individuals currently suffering in detention through an individualized case management and support system. As people on the outside, we have access to resources and programs inaccessible from within an immigrant prison. So, through the hotline, we connect people to our own resources and to our partners in the movement. Learn more about the history of our hotline here.


Monitor Abuse

Our hotline makes it easier for people in immigration detention to report abuse without fear of government retaliation and be connected with the help they deserve. Learn more here.

Elevate Stories

Though the hotline, we receive requests from people in detention and their loved ones to share their stories. We help people in detention and their families to write op-eds, connect with mainstream media, or share their stories through our own platform IMMPRINT. Learn more here.  

Find and Connect to Family

We receive hundreds of requests a year from families on the outside whose loved ones have disappeared or from people in detention who have not been able to call their loved ones. We help reconnect families separated by U.S. immigration policies.

Connect to Resources

We connect people in detention to our visitor volunteers and sponsors, to their freedom through our bond program, and to post-release support through our accompaniment program.  We also connect callers to lawyers and other resources through our partners.



To volunteer as a Hotline Advocate, you must be willing to dedicate at least two hours to the hotline per week, among other things. If you are interested in joining us in this role, please fill out the National Volunteer Application.

For questions, please contact our National Hotline Coordinator Cynthia Galaz at

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