As A Country, We Are Stronger Together When We Seek To Understand Each Other

On Thursday, President Trump said he would issue an executive order next week to limit people’s right to claim asylum and detain asylum seekers in “massive cities of tents” indefinitely. This is unconscionable and a violation of U.S. and international law.

The Trump administration’s relentless and vile attacks against people seeking asylum and other immigrants are deeply rooted in a racist and xenophobic ideology that, since January 2017, has become institutionalized in this country

With only a few days to go before the midterm elections, it is no surprise that the president has ordered the deployment of thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, called for an end to the birthright citizenship clause enshrined in the 14th Amendment and now unveiled a plan to restrict the rights of asylum seekers. The president has intensified his hateful rhetoric and spewed lie after lie while pushing brutal policies as a way to rally his base.

Let’s be clear: President Trump is fabricating man-made crises in order to exploit and stoke the fears of voters, while putting the lives of millions of people at risk — and it’s all for political gain. He is making a mockery of the Executive Branch and his position of power. It is not only completely irresponsible, but also reprehensible.

More than ever, as a country, it is time to stand up for the rights of immigrants and other vulnerable groups who have borne the brunt of the Trump administration’s continued assaults on our democracy.

Our goal of ending immigration detention is not only about tearing down physical walls of confinement but also the invisible walls between us that prevent us from recognizing each other’s humanity. We are stronger as a country when we seek not to undermine but understand each other.