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Part 16: On Survival: Tools for Building Community Resilience

Part Sixteen, “On Survival: Tools for Building Community Resilience,” provides a set of readings and tools for self-care and to organize our communities to build sanctuary, monitor detention facilities, launch campaigns, and more.


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World Refugee Day  Youth Art  Exhibition, New Zealand

World Refugee Day Youth Art Exhibition, New Zealand

Tools to Take Action

Movement Strategy Center Publications and Tools

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Build Sanctuary:

Sanctuary Toolkit, Unitarian Universalist Association, February 2017:

Sanctuary Toolkit, ACLU
Sanctuary City Toolkit, National Immigration Law Center
New Sanctuary Movement Toolkit

#HeretoStay Toolkit, United We Dream

Sanctuary Movement Toolkit (Sanctuary Not Deportation), American Friends Service Committtee

Anti-Deportations Toolkit, #Not1More

#stopICEcold Toolkit by the Immigrant Defense Project on IMM Print

Monitor Detention Facilities:

Monitoring Immigration Detention: A Practical Guide, International Detention Coalition

Monitoring Immigration Detention Questionnaire, UNHCR

Guide to Monitoring Immigration Detention Facilities, Women’s Refugee Commission

Monitoring & Investigations, Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement