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Part 10: On Raids and Policing

Part Ten, “On Raids and Policing,” provides readings, reports, and multimedia resources for understanding and challenging the role of policing, racial profiling, raids, and local law enforcement in expanding the reach of the immigration detention system.


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Mural at San Francisco’s Balmy Alley by Oren Rozen

Mural at San Francisco’s Balmy Alley by Oren Rozen



In the News

How America’s Immigration Laws and 287(g) Tear at Our Seams,” Huffington Post, May 2017.

“Fire and ICE: The Return of Workplace Immigration Raids,” American Prospect, April 2017.

ICE data shows half of immigrants arrested in raids had traffic convictions or no record,” Washington Post, April 2017.

Photo Essay: Outrage in upstate New York over detention of immigrant family,” International Committee of the Fourth International, March 2017.

ICE is Still Deporting Asylum Seekers,” The Nation, 2016.

J. “Villawood Fence,” pencil on paper.  The Refugee Art Project .

J. “Villawood Fence,” pencil on paper. The Refugee Art Project.

Legal Resources

Immigration Enforcement; Know Your Rights: Immigration Raids Alert! Prepare for Raids and Protect Yourself; En Español, National Immigration Law Center

National Map of Local Entanglement with ICE.

Detainer Policies, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Know Your Rights, Undocumedia: