by Marcela Castro. Source:  CIVIC

by Marcela Castro. Source: CIVIC

Part 6: On Politics and Law

Part Six, “On Politics and Law” provides readings, reports, and multimedia resources for understanding immigration law, the politics behind the immigration debate, and exploring civil rights abuses in detention.


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Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Laws, The Immigrant Justice Network and NYU School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic, 2017:


Podcast Series: Indefensible by the Immigrant Defense Project

ICED-I Can End Deportation (video game that teaches players about current immigration laws about detention and deportation)

Annotated Detainer Form 2017 and Annotated ICE Administrative Warrants 2017, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Know Your Rights, Undocumedia

Political Cartoons in U.S. History. Library of Congress.