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Part 15: On Abolition

Part Fifteen, “On Abolition,” provides a set of readings and organizational tools to conceptualize and act upon the necessity to build alternatives to detention and abolish the immigration detention system, prisons, and policing.


What Abolitionists Do, Jacobin Magazine

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Artwork by Mohammad, from immigration detention in Australia.  The Refugee Art Project

Artwork by Mohammad, from immigration detention in Australia. The Refugee Art Project

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Alternatives to Detention

The International Detention Coalition has identified over 250 examples of alternatives to detention from 60 countries.

There are Alternatives, Immigration Detention Coalition (2015):

Alternatives to Detention, Detention Watch Network.

ACLU Fact Sheet on Alternatives to Immigration Detention (ATD)

Ending the Use of Detention to Deter Migration, Detention Watch Network, April 2015.

Considering a Private Jail, Prison or Detention Center? A Resource Packet for Community Members and Public Officials Grassroots Leadership, September 2009.

Progress or Profit? Positive Alternatives to Privatization in Shelby County, TN — Proposes a set of solutions that will help the county cut spending and reduce its jail population while continuing to protect public safety. Grassroots Leadership and Coalition Against Private Prisons (CAPP), 2006.

More Resources

Prison Abolition SyllabusBlack Perspectives, African American Intellectual History Society, 2016

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