Freedom for Immigrants is featured in Orange Is The New Black — and you can support them!


“What if that means I’m next? No, I don’t have a lawyer,” says Maritza (Diane Guerrero) in this season’s Orange Is The New Black. 

Gloria (Selenis Levya) responds, “You will. I wanted to tell you. I found this group online. It’s called Freedom for Immigrants, and they want to help people in here.”  

OITNB’s fictional portrayal of immigration detention could not be closer to the truth.

Too many of the men, women, and children who we work with inside U.S. immigration detention have lived through the experience of going to court without an attorney. And so many of our community members know what it's like to be isolated in immigration detention with no connection to the outside world. 

You can help change that.

Your contribution to Freedom for Immigrants will ensure that people like Maritza have a connection to the outside world, whether it be through a free phone call on our national hotline, through one of our 4,500 volunteers that visit weekly in over 50 ICE jails and prisons or through our strong policy and advocacy efforts.