Support Request Form

Welcome to our Support Request Form. Please fill out the application below to the best of your ability and indicate what type of support the person you are advocating for needs.

The kinds of support we offer:

  • Sponsor, host or post-release housing

  • Immigration bond assistance

  • Visitation

To contact our rapid response hotline and complete an intake on behalf of someone in detention, call 209-757-FREE.

On immigration bonds: Please note our criteria for requesting immigration bond assistance.

Additional Forms of Support

Finding loved ones: If you need help finding missing loved ones in immigration detention, please use our REUNITE form.

Other resources, including legal services: Please click here to access our list of resources for immigrants in detention or at risk of deportation.

***Before filling out the form, please take note of the following***

  • Currently, we are only facilitating sponsorship for people whom we also bond out of detention.

  • Currently, we can support people with bond assistance of up to $10,000. For higher bond amounts, we are willing to work with families and other partner organizations to complete the full amount.

  • Please include as much detail as possible in the form below.

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What support does the person you are advocating for need?

What are their names, relationships to the person in detention and ages? ***Please submit an application with everyone in detention that needs

Do any of these apply to this person:

Does the individual fall into any of these categories?