Add Your Name to Keep Families Together


Around the world, people are fleeing persecution, violence, and natural disasters. When they arrive in the United States, many are being separated from their families and thrown into U.S. immigrant prisons and jails. 

But we can end these family separations by building community-based alternative accompaniment programs

And you can be part of this solution!

You can pledge to become a host, providing free housing to asylum seekers and other migrants who would otherwise be thrown into the immigration detention system.

Or you can pledge to become a sponsor, donating funds to support community-based alternative accompaniment programs. It costs only $50 a day for an entire family to receive housing and wrap-around services. This is far cheaper than the average $798 it costs taxpayers for a family (2.5 individuals) to be imprisoned per day.

By adding your name here today, you are not becoming a host or a sponsor. You are simply pledging that if the United States was willing to respond to migration by supporting community-based alternative accompaniment programs, you would be willing for Freedom for Immigrants to contact you to support in one of these two ways.

Add your name today, and help us respond to migration with compassion not incarceration.

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*Please fill out this form if you are in contact with someone in ICE detention who has requested assistance finding a host or sponsor.


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