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A Tool to Find Missing Loved Ones in U.S. Immigration Detention

Freedom for Immigrants, a U.S.-based nonprofit, has created this tool, REUNITE, to assist in locating adults or children who have been disappeared into the U.S. immigration detention system.

This includes people who are being held in U.S. immigration detention, in criminal custody, or in Office of Refugee Resettlement shelters. Parents, family members, attorneys, and advocates may fill out this form to locate loved ones or clients who have been separated from their families.  

By filling out this form, you will be sharing your information with Freedom for Immigrants and partnering organizations.

We will collaborate and communicate with you on helping to find your loved one in the most efficient way possible.  

Your information will not be shared with the federal government and is being sent to us through a secure server.

Once reunited, parents might expect to see changes in their children’s behaviors and emotions; this pamphlet in English and Spanish created by the American Psychological Association provides an overview of what to expect and how to understand trauma. 

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