Emergency Rapid Response Support Fund


Help Freedom for Immigrants provide rapid response and relief to those impacted by immigration detention.


In these times of crisis there are moments of intervention when the right support, at the right time, makes all the difference. These moments come fast and we must respond just as quickly. 

In Louisiana, rapid detention expansion means thousands of individuals will be rerouted this month alone to new, rural detention centers leaving people isolated from their communities and families. Immigrants are being intentionally isolated and left to suffer rights abuses like medical neglect, sexual assault, and violations of their legal rights with little to no oversight. The community is working tirelessly to meet the challenges head on - driving 5+ hours each way to visit individuals in immigrant prisons, paying their own gas and buying phone cards out of their own pockets to address escalating needs. We stand in solidarity, but need your support. 

This critical fund aims to meet the ongoing and escalating needs immigrants are facing around the country.

The first $2,500 raised will go directly towards expenses incurred by those responding to the current detention expansion in Louisiana. Long term, FFI will open a house in Louisiana to provide short-term housing and visitation to further assist those impacted by this cruelty. All additional contributions will be allocated to where they are most needed, whether that’s calling cards for a hunger striker whose rights are being abused, emergency food and shelter for a family seeking asylum, or for tomorrow’s next unforeseen emergency. 

Your gift will ensure that we can weather the storm even in the darkest of times and ensure there remains a flexible pool of resources people can count on in their critical times of need.