Freedom for Immigrants Joins Civil Rights And Advocacy Groups In Congressional Briefing On ICE Detention

Freedom for Immigrants and immigrant justice partners SAALT, UnDocublack Network, Detention Watch Network, United We Dream, Sikh Coalition, Sikh Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)  held a Congressional Briefing on Tuesday, April 2nd on Capitol Hill to draw immediate attention to the rise in South Asians seeking asylum in the U.S. to escape violence, persecution, and repression alongside migrants from African, Southeast Asian, Central American and other Latin American countries.

BREAKING: City of Adelanto Pulls Out Of Agreement With ICE, GEO Group; Freedom for Immigrants Demands Just and Proper Closure

The city of Adelanto sent ICE and the private prison company GEO Group a letter yesterday confirming that the city will be ending its agreement with ICE and GEO to run the Adelanto ICE Processing Center, which is the largest ICE prison in the country.  This decision was made unilaterally by the city with no opportunity for public comment or community input. The city now has a responsibility to ensure the proper and just closure of the private immigrant prison.

Freedom for Immigrants Calls For A Just and Proper Closure After OC Sheriff Announces End of ICE Contract

As a result of this sudden move, the Sheriff has a responsibility to ensure a just and proper closure of the facility. A proper closure would ensure due process, access to counsel and the release of currently detained individuals so they can continue their cases on the outside through the help of community-based alternatives to detention within the next 120 days, before the contract ends.