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California to End Its Use of Private, For-Profit Prisons, Associated Press, September 2019.

California Bans For-Profit Prisons and Immigrant Detention Facilities, The Los Angeles Times, September 2019.

How Orange Is the New Black Sparked This Couple's Romance and Activism, The Advocate, September 2019.

What We Know About the Otay Mesa Detention Center – and Its Future, Voice of San Diego, September 2019.

Private Prison Firm Quietly Ramps Up GOP Lobbying Efforts as Trump Expands Immigrant Detention Centers, CNBC, September 2019.

ICE Releases Indian Asylum Seekers After 75-Day Hunger Strike With ‘Painful Force-Feedings,’ Newsweek, September 2019.

Trump's Plan to Detain Migrant Kids Indefinitely Just Got Blocked — for Now, Vice News, September 2019.

Rights Groups Allege ICE, Private Detention Firms, Provide Poor Care to LGBTQ Migrants and Those With HIV, Seattle Times, September 2019.

Emails Show How Private Firms Profit From ICE Detention Centers, CQ Roll Call, September 2019.

New State Bill Could Close Mesa Verde and End Private Prisons Throughout California,, September 2019.

Trump Closes Doors To Immigrants, Some US Citizens Open Them, Associated Press, September 2019.

Private Prisons Are A Dead-End Economic Recovery Model. Just Ask This California Town, In These Times, September 2019.

California Just Banned Private Prisons, Including ICE Detention Facilities, Vice News, September 2019.


Revealed: Man Force-Fed In ICE Custody At Risk Due To “Substandard Care,” Doctor Says, The Guardian, August 2019.

“Orange Is The New Black” Highlighted An Immigrant Hotline. Then ICE Shut It Down. Washington Post, August 2019.

ICE Shuts Down Immigration Hotline Featured On “Orange Is The New Black,” The Daily Beast, August 2019.

ICE Shut Down A Hotline For Detained Immigrants After It Was Featured On “Orange Is The New Black,” Los Angeles Times, August 2019.

We Visited An ICE Jail After Playing An Incarcerated Person and Guard on “Orange Is The New Black,” Salon, August 2019

Unequal Outcomes: Most ICE Detainees Held In Rural Areas Where Deportation Risks Soar, NPR, August 2019

The Jews Against ICE Movement Mobilizes The Power Of Mourning As Protest, Bustle, August 2019

More than 100 Immigrants on Hunger Strike at ICE Facility Allegedly Pepper Sprayed, Shot At With Rubber Bullets and Blocked from Contacting Families, Newsweek, August 2019

More Than 100 Immigrants Were Pepper-Sprayed At An ICE Facility, BuzzFeed, August 2019

115 Immigrant Detainees Get Attacked By Guards During Hunger Strike, We Are Mitu, August 2019

L.A. Charities Fighting for the Rights of Incarcerated Women Are Getting the “Orange Is the New Black” Bump, LA Magazine, August 2019

‘OITNB’ Promotes Free Immigration Hotline that Connects Detainees with Legal Aid, Hip Latina, August 2019

'More than 100' immigrants tear gassed by ICE in US detention centre, The Independent, August 2019

'Orange is the New Black' actors visit immigration detainees in New Jersey, New Jersey Record, August 2019

Business Digest: Nourish partners with Freedom for Immigrants, Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 2019


The Immigration Hotline in OITNB Is Real — and So Is the Trouble Surrounding It, InStyle, July 2019

‘Orange Is the New Black’ offers fans a way to give back, Associated Press, July 2019

Opinion: We Put ICE Detention Centers Into "Orange Is The New Black." Now I'm Heading Back To One., BuzzFeed, July 2019

OITNB Launches Fund to Help Non-Profits Supporting Immigrants' Rights and Prison Reform, People Magazine, July 2019

Orange Is the New Black Tackles Criminal-Justice Reform With the Launch of ‘Poussey Washington Fund’, The Root, July 2019

Orange is the New Black' creators launch charity in honor of slain character, The Hill, July 2019

American Gulags, The Progressive, July 2019

In Immigration Lockups, Hate Speech Means More Than Just Words [Op-Ed], Colorlines, July 2019

10 Ways to Take Action for Immigrants, MS. Magazine, July 2019

Orange is the New Black goes out fighting in its final season, Entertainment Weekly, July 2019,

After ICE Detainment, 21 Savage's Story Shows a New Side of the Immigration Crisis, Phoenix New Times, July 2019

Sol House vigil will protest detention centers, poor conditions for immigrants, Kokomo Tribune, July 2019

Candlelight vigil to be held for immigrants detained in C.R., Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 2019

Chants of 'classrooms, not cages' as hundreds gather for DC 'Lights for Liberty' vigil, USA Today, July 2019

Proceeds from the Belgian-style witbier will go to Freedom for Immigrants, Pitchfork, July 2019

Parquet Courts and Goose Island Team Up For Limited Edition Beer at 2019 Pitchfork Music Festival, Billboard, July 2019

The United States Treats Migrants Worse Than Prisoners of War, Foreign Policy, July 2019

R29 Binge Club: Orange Is The New Black Season 7, Refinery 29, July 2019

Kamala Harris Wants to Stop ICE Detention—and This L.A. Org Has Her Back, LA Magazine, July 2019


Advocates launch $1 million fund to keep asylum seekers out of immigration detention centers, San Diego Tribune, June 2019

DHS watchdog finds spoiled food, nooses at multiple immigration detention centers, ThinkProgress, June 2019

Kenyan Immigrant Spends a Decade Fighting Deportation, VOA News, June 2019

Sen. Dianne Feinstein on immigration fix: 'We have to just get to it’, UPI, June 2019

Democratic candidates vow to ban private prisons and detention centers, LA Times, June 2019

VIDEO: Immigrant Detention is Big Business, AJ+, June 2019

Alyssa Milano Suggests People Visit Migrant Detention Centers; Can Just Anyone Go Into One Of These Facilities? Newsweek, June 2019

Want to help migrant children at the border? Here’s how to donate, CNBC, June 2019

How to help families and children at the border: Volunteer, donate, speak out, USA Today, June 2019

Who's Visiting Immigrant Detainees At The Adelanto Detention Center?, LAist/KPCC, June 2019

What Should We Do About Concentration Camps in Trump’s America?, Common Dreams, June 2019

NYC Theatre Artists Plan #CloseTheCamps Play Reading and Event, American Theatre, June 2019

What Should We Do About Concentration Camps in Trump’s America?, The Progressive, June 2019


A US city cut ties with its troubled migrant detention center. That could make things even worse, The Guardian, May 2019

California Cities Are Ending ICE Detention Contracts But Immigrants Might Not Go Free, Pacific Standard Magazine, May 2019


Bulk of California Sanctuary Laws Upheld by Ninth Circuit, Courthouse News Service, April 2019

As US communities resist ICE, private prison companies are cashing in, Quartz, April 2019

Adelanto cuts ties to troubled ICE detention center — and removes a layer of oversight, LA Times, April 2019

Migrant family separations, heckling: Key moments from Kirstjen Nielsen's troubled tenure as DHS secretary, USA Today, April 2019

Could a proposed change in Illinois law derail plans for an ICE detention center near Chicago? Chicago Tribune, April 2019

Adelanto moves to revisit ending contract for troubled immigration detention facility, Palm Springs Desert Sun, April 2019

ICE released detainee while he was in a coma, weeks before his death, OC Register, April 2019

El centro de Adelanto cierra contrato con inmigración – Noticias 62, Estrella TV, April 2019

Lawmakers commend advocacy group for taking up cause of South Asians seeking asylum, News India Times, April 2019

Democratic lawmakers blast Trump administration for appalling treatment of immigrant detainees, American Bazaar, April 2019

Will Adelanto Officials Reform a Brutal Detention Center—Or Just Make It Bigger? Capital and Main, April 2019

News Roundup, Pasquines, April 2019

The Etowah Visitation Project: Supporting the Needs of ICE Detainees, Counterpunch, April 2019


Cierran centro de detención de Adelanto en California, Telemundo Al Rojo Vivo, March 2019

Adelanto Ending Contract for Largest Immigration Detention Facility in California, KQED, March 2019

Asylum seekers endure prison-like conditions in ICE detention centers for chance of freedom, ABC 10, March 2019

Immigrant detentions in Adelanto might end, continue or expand, San Bernardino Sun, March 2019

Adelanto Severs Ties With Local ICE Processing Center, Victorville Daily Press, March 2019

Noticias Telemundo, 29 de marzo de 2019, Telemundo, March 2019

Orange County will stop holding inmates for ICE at its jails, LA Times, March 2019

Sheriff to stop holding ICE detainees in Orange County jails, OC Register, March 2019

Court Order Allows ICE to Force-Feed Arizona Detainee on Hunger Strike, Phoenix New. Times, March 2019

ICE, immigrant rights advocates dispute hunger strike at Adelanto facility, San Bernardino Sun, March 2019

Lax Oversight Allows Serious Health and Safety Violations to Continue at Immigration Detention Centers, California Health Report, March 2019

OP-ED: State Attorney General’s report draws attention to abuses at Theo Lacy, OC Register, March 2019

How ICE outmaneuvered a town that tried to close a detention facility, VICE News, March 2019

Immigrant detention center in Bakersfield, thought to be set to close, will stay open, LA Times, March 2019

California AG finds poor oversight on immigration detention centers, ABC 10, March 2019

Indian Asylum-Seekers in ICE Detention Seek Release as Hunger Strike Enters Third Month, KQED News, March 2019

Activists say report of immigrants’ mistreatment in Richmond detention center proves sheriff must go, East Bay Times, March 2019

Kern County Detention Facility Will Stay Open Without Local Government Buy-In, Valley Public Radio/NPR, March 2019

High Court Rules 5-4 Against Immigrant Bond Hearings, Courthouse News Service, March 2019

Supreme Court ruling to strip immigrants of due process rights has major repercussions, experts say, ThinkProgress, March 2019

Cerrar la cárcel de migrantes más grande del país o aumentar su capacidad?, La Opinion, March 2019

Adelanto termina contrato de detención migratoria con ICE y grupo GEO, La Opinion, March 2019


California immigrant detainees face long periods of confinement and barriers to medical treatment, state audit reveals, LA Times, Feb. 2019

State report on treatment of jailed immigrants shows the inmates weren’t lying, San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 2019

22-hour confinement, no bathrooms: Immigrants face harsh conditions in California ICE facilities, study says, Sacramento Bee, Feb. 2019

Immigrant detainees treated like prisoners in California, Attorney General report says, OC Register, Feb. 2019

State report reveals poor conditions at ICE detention facilities, including one in Contra Costa, East Bay Times, Feb. 2019

Op-Ed: Christina Fialho and Grisel Ruiz: CA’s Attorney General Reveals Abuses in Immigration Detention Conditions Report, YubaNet, Feb. 2019

California AG reveals unprecedented look at state's 10 immigration centers, KTVU, Feb. 2019

J vs. United States, Radio Ambulante, Feb. 2019

Budget Leaves Neither Side In Immigration Debate Satisfied, Law360, Feb. 2019

Progressive freshmen Democrats oppose giving Trump’s DHS more funds, ThinkProgress, Feb. 2019

Immigrants Are Fighting for Their Rights Even Behind Bar, The Nation, Feb. 2019

Jail Served Us Meatballs That Smelled Like Feces, NJ Inmate Says,, Feb. 2019

Incarcerated Immigrants Are Being Tortured, Truthout, Feb. 2019

More than 70 detainees condemn conditions at San Diego immigration facility, LA Times/San Diego Tribune, Feb. 2019

Inmigrantes detenidos en Otay Mesa denuncian abusos intolerables, La Opinion, Feb. 2019

Democrats push for detention cap, PRI’s The World, Feb. 2019

How an El Paso Detention Center Is Treating Some Asylum-Seekers Could Violate the UN Convention Against Torture, Mother Jones, Feb. 2019

ICE threatens hunger striking detainees with immediate deportation, Think Progress, Feb. 2019

Congresswoman visits detainees on hunger strike, calls ICE force-feeding 'unacceptable’, ABC News, Feb. 2019

Congresswoman visits detainees on hunger strike, calls ICE force-feeding ‘unacceptable’, Sandhills Express/ABC News Radio, Feb. 2019

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, WNTC, Feb. 2019

US Immigration Authorities Force-feed Detainees From India, Cuba, News 18, Feb. 2019

US Officials Force-feed Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike, PTV News, Feb 2019

ICE is now force-feeding immigrants on hunger strike, using method called "unethical”, Salon, Feb. 2019

Desi immigrants force-fed at US detention centre, Times of India, Feb. 2019

ICE Force-feeding Migrant Detainees On Hunger Strike, AZ Central, Feb. 2019

US Officials Force-feed Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike, VOA News, Feb. 2019

US immigration officials force-feeding detainees, The Week UK, Feb. 2019

S is For Sponsor, Sacramento News & Review, Feb. 2019


ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, The Associated Press, Jan. 2019

ICE confirms it is force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, Washington Post, Jan. 2019

ICE Force-Feeds Detainees Who Are on Hunger Strike, New York Times, Jan. 2019

ICE is force-feeding immigration detainees on hunger strike, LA Times, Jan. 2019

ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike, NPR, Jan. 2019

APNewsBreak: ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, Seattle Times, Jan. 2019

ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike, KRWG, Jan. 2019

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, NBC News, Jan. 2019

ICE is force-feeding a group of hunger-striking immigrants who have been refusing food for more than a month at their detention center to protest deportation and lengthy lock-ups, Daily Mail, Jan. 2019

ICE Force-Feeding Detainees On Hunger Strike, HuffPost, Jan. 2019

ICE Is Force-Feeding Immigrants on a Hunger Strike in Texas, Spokesperson Says, TIME, Jan 2019

ICE Force-Feeding Detainees On Hunger Strike To Protest Abuse, Talking Points Memo, Jan 2019

ICE reportedly force-feeding detainees on hunger strike through nasal tubes, CBS News, Jan. 2019

ICE force-feeding several immigrants on hunger strikes: report, The Hill, Jan 2019

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike including in San Francisco area, FOX KTVU

ICE is Force-Feeding Detainees on Hunger Strike, OC Register, Jan. 2019

Federal officials are force-feeding six immigrants who are on a hunger strike, Marketwatch, Jan. 2019

ICE is force-feeding hunger-striking immigrants in the US: Report, Al Jazeera, Jan. 2019

Ice force-feeds immigrants inside Texas detention center, The Guardian, Jan. 2019

ICE Is Force-Feeding Some Immigrant Detainees on Hunger Strikes: AP, Bloomberg, Jan. 2019

ICE force-feeding immigrants on hunger strike, Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 2019

Immigrant Detainees on Hunger Strike Being Force-Fed in El Paso: ICE, KTLA 5, Jan. 2019

ICE force-feeding immigration detainees on hunger strikes, Japan Times, Jan. 2019

AP NewsBreak: ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, Newsier, Jan. 2019

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike, WHYY, Jan. 2019

U.S. immigration officials are force-feeding detainees who’ve been refusing food at Texas centre, Global News, Jan. 2019

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike at Texas facility, KXAN, Jan. 2019

ICE Force-Feeds Detainees Hunger Striking in Protest of Deportation Threats, Extended Lock-ups, Paste Magazine, Jan. 2019

ICE Force-Feeding Sikh Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike at El Paso, Texas Detention Center, India West, Jan. 2019

U.S. Immigration Officials Force-feeding Detainees on Hunger Strike, Haaretz, Jan. 2019

For asylum seekers, a wall of support by a movement of strangers, SF Chronicle, January 2019

There Is a Real Border Crisis. A Wall Would Only Make It Worse., The Intercept, January 2019

Quels sont les effets du mur souhaité par Donald Trump sur l'environnement? FranceInfo/MSN, January 2019

What Really Happens Inside American Immigration Facilities and Detention Centers, Teen Vogue, Jan. 2019

House passes amendment to prevent the transfer of relief funds to expand immigrant detention, ThinkProgress, Jan. 2019

Small but powerful amendment could lessen immigration detention, The Hill, January 2019



A Mother And Son's Journeys Seeking Asylum In The U.S., WBUR/KQED, Dec. 2018

Etowah: the Ice detention center with the goal to ‘make your life miserable’, The Guardian, Dec. 2018

Bay Area families are opening their homes to asylum seekers: ‘It’s a bold act of resistance’, The Mercury News, Dec. 2018

Helping end isolation in detention one immigrant at a time, The Renegade Rip, Dec. 2018

UC-Berkeley Student Gov't Approves Resolution to Financially Support Migrant Caravan, Fox News, Dec. 2018

Care and the caravan: the unmet needs of migrants heading for the US, The British Medical Journal, Dec. 2018

Meet Bud Conlin of Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees, VoyageMIA, Dec. 2018

How To Volunteer To Help Migrant Children If What They're Going Through Breaks Your Heart, Bustle, Dec. 2018

New law could lead to closure of Mesa Verde, but outcome remains unknown after decision by McFarland to end agreement with ICE, Bakersfield Californian, Dec. 2018


ICE moves to silence detention center volunteer visitors, San Diego Tribune, Nov. 2018

Bay Area mom waits for son traveling in migrant caravan, KRON4, Nov. 2018

Jeff Sessions May Be Gone, But His Impact On Immigration Policy Will Live On, Buzzfeed, Nov. 2018

With or without criminal records, some immigrants spend many years in detention, LA Times, Nov. 2018

ICE suspende acceso a grupo que visita a inmigrantes del Centro de Detención Otay Mesa, La Opinion, Nov. 2018

Fondo de jubilación de maestros de California retira inversiones de cárceles de ICE, La Opinion, Nov. 2018

What Life is Like After Getting Out of an Immigration Detention Center, ELLE, Nov. 2018

Christian visitors bring hope to immigrant detainees facing tough odds in New Hampshire jail, Episcopal News Service, Nov. 2018

Asylum seeker dies 10 days after hospitalization, Crosscut, Nov. 2018

This is not the country I want my kids to grow up in:’ How the new women’s wave in Congress will change the game, MAKERS/Yahoo, Nov. 2018

A Private Prison Company Says Georgia’s Investigation Into a Detainee’s Death Must Stay Secret, Mother Jones, Nov. 2018

How you can help the caravan, El Tecolote, Nov. 2018

Students, alumni advocate for supporting Central American refugees at ASUC meeting, Daily Californian, Nov. 2018


A Surprise Inspection of an ICE Detention Center Reveals Horrific Conditions, Mother Jones, Oct. 2018

Homeland Security watchdog attacks ICE for dangers at immigrant detention center, Center for Public Integrity, Oct. 2018

A Pattern of Medical Neglect in ICE Detention Centers Has Immigrants and Advocates on Alert, Brit+Co, Oct. 2018

Report: Trump Administration Not Prepared for Family Separation Policy, VOA News, Oct. 2018

Records of abuse of detainees should be retained, Albuquerque Journal, Oct. 2018

Makeshift nooses among problems found at San Bernardino County immigration detention center struggling with suicide attempts, Orange County Register, Oct. 2018

Report: Nooses in cells highlight violations inside Adelanto immigration detention center, Victorville Daily Press, Oct. 2018

Bedsheet "nooses" among "serious violations" at California ICE detention facility, CBS News, Oct. 2018

This is what you should know about Brett Kavanaugh’s first hot-button Supreme Court case, ThinkProgress, Oct. 2018

Incarcerated and Infirmed: How Northwest Detention Center Is Failing Sick Inmates, Seattle Weekly, Oct. 2018

Inmigrante detenido narra su cautiverio en Theo Lacy, La Opinion, Oct. 2018

This Supreme Court immigration case could mean more family separations, The Hill, Oct. 2018

At Largest ICE Detention Center In The Country, Guards Called Attempted Suicides ‘Failures,’ The Intercept, Oct. 2018

Immigrants face hurdles to prove abuse by US agents, Associated Press, Oct. 2018

DHS rarely urges action against agents accused of abusing immigrants, advocates say, Associated Press/Washington Post, Oct. 2018

"Le levantó el sostén y le tocó los senos": cientos denuncian abusos de agentes migratorios, pero no les creen, Univision, Oct. 2018

For ICE detainees, access to clergy is infrequent or absent altogether, rights groups say, Religion News Service, Oct. 2018


In response to Trump policies, some Californians open their homes to asylum seekers, LA Times, Sept. 2018

The Alternative To Immigrant Detention Everyone Should Know About, Forbes, Sept. 2018

Attorneys Fear Trump Reg Gives Detention Centers A Loose Leash, Law 360, Sept. 2018

Hudson County to end contract with ICE to house immigration detainees, North Jersey Record, Sept. 2018

As Family Detention Expands, Attys Look To Alternatives, Law 360, Sept. 2018

Below the Surface of ICE: The Corporations Profiting From Immigrant Detention, In These Times, Sept. 2018

Responding to Trump's 'hatred and meanness,' Americans open their homes to asylum seekers, Daily Kos, Sept. 2018

People Nationwide Pledge To Host Asylum Seekers In New Freedom for Immigrants Campaign, Yuba Net, Sept. 2018

"Los pandilleros gobiernan esas cárceles", asegura un migrante que pasó 15 meses bajo custodia de ICE, Univision, Sept. 2018

Asylum seeker goes on hunger strike after being detained in El Paso for two years, NBC KTSM El Paso, Sept. 2018

Community Raises $80,000 to Post Bond for Man Detained by ICE at Richmond Jail, KQED, Sept. 2018


Activists Push Back, East Bay Express, August 2018

Demonstrators Gather in Pasadena as Federal Appeals Court Hears Border Wall Challenge, KTLA 5, August 2018

Venezuelan military deserter faces deportation back to government U.S. calls dictatorship, McClatchy, August 2018

Women's Magazine on KPFA: WCDF Community Fund, KPFA, August 2018

If Canada Wants To Protect Migrants, Stop Sending Them Back To U.S., HuffPost, August 2018

In horrifying detail, women accuse U.S. customs officers of invasive body searches, The Washington Post, August 2018

Prosecute ICE Agents? Immigrant Advocates Say Yes., Rewire, August 2018


Op-Ed: A bird trapped in ICE detention: What it’s like inside the largest immigrant prison in the US, Salon, July 2018

Immigrants Called ‘Animal,’ ‘Terrorist,’ ‘King Kong’ in Detention Under Trump: Report, Daily Beast, July 2018

Report finds more than 800 complaints of hate-related abuse in immigration detention, San Diego Tribune, July 2018

These pen-pal programs for immigrants in detention are a way to show you care, Mashable, July 2018

You can write to immigrants in detention with these pen-pal programs and offer words of kindness, Hello Giggles, July 2018

4 Pen Pal Programs For Immigrants In Detention You & Your Kids Can Write To Right Now, Romper, July 2018

Where Cities Help Detain Immigrants, The Atlantic’s City Lab, July 2018

6 Impactful Ways to Help Migrant Families Separated at the Border, Self, July 2018

Violence and abuse: The daily life of immigrants in detention centers, Al Dia, July 2018

Richmond mayor tours ICE facility, immigrant rights groups raise money to free detainees on bond, FOX KTVU, July 2018

The plight of ICE detainees, even as East Bay jail will stop holding them, SF Chronicle, July 2018

Contra Costa County cuts ties with ICE, ending contract for jailing immigrant detainees, LA Times, July 2018

Migrants describe hunger and solitary confinement at for-profit detention center, CNN, July 2018

Mounting outrage in US over conditions facing detained immigrants, World Socialist Website, July 2018

Sheriff Bans Protests On Richmond Jail Grounds, East Bay Times, July 2018

Migrant Women Who Were Sexually Assaulted in ICE Detention Are Telling Their Stories, Jezebel, July 2018

Sheriff's Termination of ICE Jail Contract Not a Win for Many Immigrant Families, East Bay Express, July 2018

Op-Ed: Termination of ICE Contract Won’t End Protests, The Mercury News, July 2018

Mexican national who killed himself in ICE custody spent 21 days in solitary confinement, ThinkProgress, July 2018

The Sustained Work of Activists Pushed This California County to Cut Ties With ICE, Remezcla, July 2018

South Florida activists take action against ICE, GEO Group, dozens arrested, Liberation News, July 2018

For Survivors of Domestic Violence, Gaining Asylum Just Got Tougher, East Bay Express, July 2018

Travel Ban and Beyond The High Court: Year in Immigration, LAW 360, July 2018

CityWatch Today: The Human Cost of Getting Used to Trump, City Watch LA, July 2018

A Native American Tribe Has a $800 Million Contract to Run ICE Detention Centers, Daily Beast, July 2018

Immigrant detainees are being held at an EPA Superfund site, ThinkProgress, July 2018

Healthy alternatives needed to house detained immigrants in US, Vatican News, July 2018

Migrant Parents Reunited With Children Must Brace for Trauma and Long Recovery, Truthout, July 2018

Report details 800+ complaints of hateful abuse in immigration detention since Trump's inauguration, Daily Kos, July 2018



Fate of children unclear after reversal of Trump’s family separation policy, MSNBC,  June 2018

Op-Ed: Don't stop with family separation. End the whole immigration prison system, LA Times, June 2018

Thousands Rally for Immigrant Rights at the Contra Costa Sheriff's Jail in Richmond, East Bay Express, June 2018

This New Tool Aims to Help Reunite Kids Seized at the Border With Their Families, Gizmodo, June 2018

More than 800 cases of abuse motivated by hate in immigrant detentions centres under Trump, report reveals, The Independent, June 2018

Here Is Just Some of the Hateful Abuse Immigrants Face in Detention Centers, The Nation, June 2018,

Advocates say the fastest way to help immigrants separated from their children: Post their bail, Marketwatch, June 2018

Immigrant Detainees Held At Site Flagged Hazardous To Human Health, Carbonated TV, June 2018

Here’s How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border, Slate, June 2018

The story of a family ripped apart by Trump's immigration policies | Al Jazeera English, June 2018

Here’s One Solution to Keep Families Together — And We Know It Works, InStyle Magazine, June 2018

California group starts online detainee locator, Associated Press, June 2018

“No one will believe baboon complaints” - Racist abuse in immigration detention on the rise in Trump era, report says, The Intercept, June 2018

Churches push for alternatives to detention for immigrants, Reading Eagle, June 2018

Another Way to Keep Families Together: Join the New Sanctuary Movement, The Nation, June 2018

A Twitter Bot Is Posting the Names and Locations of Immigrant Detention Centers Across the U.S., Slate, June 2018

Op-Ed: Estrada: What It’s Like To Celebrate Father’s Day While In Immigration Detention, Voice of OC, June 2018

'ICE out of California,' News Review, June 2018

Abuse of immigration detainee alleged at Bristol County House of Correction, South Coast Today, June 2018

U.S. Senators Harris, Merkley, Cortez Masto Introduce Bill to Reunify and Protect Immigrant Families, Sierra Sun Times, July 2018

Crossing the U.S. border shouldn't send you to jail, LA Times, June 2018

On family separation, evangelicals add their voices to opposition, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 2018

At Victorville prison, 1,000 beds set aside to hold immigration detainees, Victorville DailyPress, June 2018

Federal court orders Trump administration to reunite separated families by deadlines, KPCC, June 208

Op-Ed: Trump Doesn’t Want Californians To Know What’s Happening Inside Immigrant Jails, The OC Register, June 2018

Meet the Women Defending Migrant Children on Our Border, InStyle, June 2018


California stopped expansion of abusive ICE detention. Congress can, too, The Sacramento Bee, May 2018

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Sen. Kamala Harris bills to place moratorium on ICE detention centers, American Bazaar, May 2018

Indian American Politicians Ask for Better Supervision of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Little India, May 2018

Immigrant activist organizations hold public tribunal to hold ICE, East Bay police accountable, East Bay Times, May 2018

Contra Costa: Richmond Mayor blocked from jail as volunteer group returns, East Bay Times, May 2018

Alabama's immigration detainees face 'black hole' of endless waiting, The Associated Press, May 2018

No end in sight: An Egyptian Man’s Ordeal in ICE Custody & the Plight of Indefinite Immigration Detention, The Intercept, May 208

Democratic Lawmakers Want Moratorium on New Ice Facilities and Better Oversight of Existing Ones, AlternNet, May 2018

Calif. Judge Urged To Block Suit Over 'Sanctuary' Policies, Law 360, May 2018

The New ICE Age: An Agency Unleashed, The New York Review of Books, May 2018

Abusos sexuales y negligencia médica plagan centros de detención de indocumentados, HOY Los Angeles, May 2018

Investigation: Corporations Are Profiting From Immigrant Detainees’ Labor. Some Say It’s Slavery., In These Times, May 2018

Clama por atención médica para su esposa detenida en Adelanto, La Opinion, May 2018

Miles de inmigrantes están detenidos lejos de sus familias, La Opinion, May 2018


Detained, Then Violated, The Intercept, April 2018

A Border Control Official Sexually Abused Me’, The Nation, April 2018

People should know the truth about detention centers, ATTN:, April 2018

Immigrant Rights Group: Hudson County Jail Deaths Are 'Systemic',, April 2018

People's Tribunal Featured on 'The Damage Report,' The Young Turks, April 2018

Migrant Caravan Is No Threat to U.S., But Trump’s Scare Tactics Are, News Deeply, April 2018

Contra Costa sheriff stonewalls officials who want to tour troubled jail, San Francisco Chronicle, April 2018



Immigration detention in the United States denies basic human freedoms, LA Times, March 2018

Under the Media Radar, Trump Is Locking Up More Refugees, Truthdig, March 2018

What happens to immigrants after they're arrested? KALW, March 2018

ICE Reportedly Abused Nearly 100 Somalis With Shackles And Racial Slurs On Unsuccessful Deportation Flight, Blavity, March 2018

Inside Etowah County jail: 'Nightmare' conditions may have helped sheriff buy beach house,, March 2018

El condado Hudson le cierra las puertas a ICE, Telemundo 47, March 2018

I spent a decade in immigration detention, The Hill, March 2018

Contra Costa sheriff bans ICE detainee advocacy group from visiting jail. Nonprofit calls it retaliation., The Mercury News, March 2018

East Bay sheriff accuses banned immigrant rights group of sneaking ‘contraband’ to ICE detainees, East Bay Times, March 2018

Immigration advocacy group locked out of Contra Costa County jail: report, Fox KTVU, March 2018

A detention center vigil that defies La Migra, People’s World, March 2018

Sheriff’s Office bans group from serving ICE detainees, citing violations, The Richmond Standard, March 2018

Rep DeSaulnier urges Contra Costa County to end ICE detentions, San Francisco Chronicle, March 2018

'Prisoners are people first': America's inmates are ready for their #MeToo moment, The Independent, March 2018

ICE Shackled 92 Somalis for 40 Hours on a Failed Deportation Flight. That Was Just The Start of the Abuse. The Intercept, March 2018

20 Contra Costa Jail Volunteers Lose Clearances Over Violations, CBS San Francisco, March 2018

Exclusive: A look inside Georgia’s newest immigration detention center, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 2018

Hudson County ends participation in federal immigration detention program,, March 2018

Immigrant advocacy group barred from Contra Costa County jails, SFGate, March 2018

20 Detention Facility Volunteers Lose Clearances For Violations,, March 2018

Contra Costa sheriff says banned group broke jail rules in visiting immigrants, The Greater New Milford Spectrum, March 2018

Contra Costa Sheriffs Office Addresses Revocation of Clearance for CIVIC Group, East County Today, March 2018

Sheriff bans illegal immigrant visitation group CIVIC from county jail for violating rules, they deny violations, Contra Costa Herald, March 2018



US Supreme Court: Detained Immigrants Do Not Have Right to Bond Hearing, VOA News, February 2018

These Harrowing Stories Shed Light On The Rampant Sexual Abuse in Immigrant Detention Centers, Remezcla, February 2018

The Supreme Court's Ruling on Immigrant Detention Is a Huge Win for Private Prisons, Splinter News, February 2018

Immigrant dies after being held at Georgia detention center accused of poor medical care, ThinkProgress, February 2018

Private prisons make a buck with inhumane treatment of immigrants, Who What Why, February 2018



Private Immigrant Prisons In California Now Subject To Public Records Act, Huffington Post, January 2018

Mistreatment at the Richmond jail? There is none, sheriff says San Francisco Chronicle , January 2018

Immigration Detention Centers Put Rule of Law to Shame Truthdig, January 2018

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